April 2017
Keep Paddling!
      Something More
      Jesus Calms the Storm
      Happy Resurrection Day!
      Do You Know Jesus?
      Grace Friday
      By His Wounds, We Are Healed!
      Who is Jesus?
      The Very First Be Encouraged Chat
      Tomorrow, Tomorrow!
      Build Upon the Rock!

March 2017
There is No Substitute!
      Embrace Every Opportunity!
      Are You Hungry?
      Have You Ever Wondered Why?
      Do You Believe in God?
      It's Never Too Late!
      The Greatest Wedding of All
      Tying Up Loose Ends
      Looking Straight Ahead
      God Will Never Change!
      Swept Under the Rug
      New Beginnings

February 2017
The Right Ingredients
      A New Thing!
      The Perfect Day
      Make Preparations!
      Love Your Enemies
      Live in the Light!
      He Loves Me
      The Greatest Valentine
      A Demonstration of Love
      Christ Will Return!
      Make Music in Your Heart!
      Small Things Become Great
      Completely Clean
      No Eye Has Seen
      When the Storms Come
      Strength for the Weary
      Pressing On Toward the Goal
      A Cheerful Heart
      In and Out of Season
      Do You Make God Proud?

January 2017
Heavy Burdens
      Incomparably Great Power
      Good Samaritans
      Our Fortress
      The Precious Gift of Life
      Are You Ready?
      One Month Ago Today
      Loving One Another
      I Have Decided
      The Name of Jesus
      The Freedom to Pray
      His Truth is Marching On!
      Counting Down
      Listen to His Voice
      The Flowers of the Field
      God Answers Prayer!
      Value Life and Live a Life of Value
      My Best Friend
      Don't Worry!
      When We Are Weak, He is Strong!
      Strive to Be Spotless!
      Answered Prayers
      Pay It Forward!
      A New Chapter
      With a Grateful Heart
      Birthdays Are a Gift from God!
      New Year's Resolutions

December 2016
The New Has Come!
      New Opportunities
      Come, Let Us Adore Him!
      The Birthday of the King
      The Perfect Christmas
      One Little Light
      It's No Secret
      Is Your Christmas Merry?
      Share the Joy!
      The Season of Giving
      Christ Was Born for You!
      Christmas is More Than a Story
      Go, Tell It on the Mountain!
      God's Grace is Sufficient!
      He Will Never Stop Loving You
      Talk About Christmas!
      Love Your Neighbor!
      Christ is Our Life
      Heavenly Landscapes
      Within Reach
      What Are You Looking for?
      Worship Him!
      Do Not Be Anxious
      Make Room in Your Heart!
      God's Faithfulness

 November 2016
      God With Us
      Shine Bright!
      We All Need Jesus
      The Purpose of Music
      Cast Aside Every Weight!
      The Cattle on a Thousand Hills
      Think About These Things!
      More Than We Imagine!
      Speak to the Mountain!
      An Indescribable Gift!
      An Eternal Crown
      Humble Yourselves Before the Lord
      Willing to Serve
      Jesus Christ is King!
      Make Your Election Sure!
      True Contentment
      Unmerited Favor - Part Two
      Unmerited Favor - Part One
      Redeeming the Time
      Running Toward Home
      What Do You Treasure?
      The Need for Deep Roots
      30 Days of Thanks

  October 2016
      Hiding Behind the Mask
      Prayer Changes Everything
      Do Not Be Ashamed!
      A Giving Heart
      Finding Favor
      By His Stripes, We Are Healed
      When the Lost is Found
      Build Your House Upon the Rock!
      When the Lost is Found
      Changing Leaves
      Do Not Give Up!
      Do All You Can!
      Stand Firm!
      Cast Your Cares on Him!
      Fully Trusting in God
      Beyond the Sunset
      Choose Joy!
      It's Time for Harvest!
      He Turns Darkness Into Light!
      Call on Jesus!
      Follow His Call - Part Two
      Follow His Call - Part One
      Living by Faith - Part Two
      Living by Faith - Part One
      Pray for One Another! - Part Two
      Pray for One Another! - Part One
      The Wind and the Waves
      One True God
      Call Upon the Lord!
      Bless the Lord at All Times!

 September 2016
      You Are Worth More Than Gold
      Pray Always!
      Be Still
      What is Your Story?
      Your Labor is Not in Vain!
      A Light in the Darkness
      The Storms of Life