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Floridians worked tirelessly to make preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Irma. From purchasing bottled water and batteries to filling up gas tanks and boarding up windows, everyone did what they could to ensure they would be ready to weather the storm. With the threat of a catastrophic hurricane aiming for the Sunshine State, no one wanted to be caught off guard.

As a native Floridian, it saddened me to think of the possible destruction that could come upon our state. Watching people at the grocery store, stocking up on supplies, I actually became tearful when I thought about the reasons why they were clearing out the shelves. While some of them were simply restocking their pantry, others were purchasing items out of desperation. They were not buying eight boxes of cereal or two cases of identical canned goods because the items were on sale. They were doing what they could to ease their fear of the unknown.

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The End is Near #BeEncouraged #TheEnd #ChristWillReturn

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Sunday, October 8, 2017

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