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God Will Always Remain Faithful

Have you ever felt as if you were running low on faith? There are times in my own life when it seems I need greater faith to receive an answer from God. Other times, I have faith so great, that it appears it would be possible for me to move a gargantuan mountain like the Matterhorn in Switzerland. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder that requires me to walk with a crutch and a brace. Although I have had a clubfoot for more than two decades, it has never stopped me from literally climbing mountains and crisscrossing cities. My dad and I have gone hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains and we have trekked through dozens of cities all around the world. Our record-breaking days have been eight and a half miles in Vienna, Austria, and nine miles in Bucharest, Romania. No matter the physical challenges I face, I have always been one to forge ahead, no matter what literal or figurative obstacles I may encounter.

On July 25, 2018, I encountered what would become an enormous roadblock on the road of life when I began experiencing an unusual type of pain in my leg. Discounting it as overexertion from our summer vacation, I tried to ignore the severe pain in my leg and foot. However, as I hobbled through pre-planning week at the school where I teach, I could sense the pain was getting worse. By the time classes began, it was all I could do to stand at the bathroom counter in the mornings to brush my teeth. The pain was so great; it caused my blood pressure and heart rate to reach dangerous levels. Just putting my foot on the floor was often so agonizing that it nearly took my breath away. Other times, the muscle cramps in my leg caused tears to flow from my eyes as my hands shook from the intensity of the pain.

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Bountiful Harvests

When I was a little girl, my dad grew a large quantity of sweet, succulent watermelons. Watch my new video to hear me share this childhood story and an encouraging message, directly from my new book! #sunshinebook #BeEncouraged

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Friday, July 12, 2019

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 Be Encouraged LIVE

Today would have been my mom's 64th birthday, so I'd like to share a few memories of my sweet mama. As a little girl, my mom and I would go to our "Secret Place" on my grandparent's property. Although my dad and I miss her very much, she is not in a secret place. We know where she is! May you be encouraged by my message!

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Friday, February 7, 2020